Guru Nanak and Sajjan Thug

Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Talwandi

When Guru Nanak reached Talwandi, he took his seat outside the village. Guru Nanak's parents heard the news of his arrival. They went to meet him at the place where Guru Nanak was staying. They once again tried to persuade him to give up the devotional life he had chosen.

The Guru listened to all that he said and replied, "Now the whole world is my family. I have not forsaken the world. I have truly chosen God's useful invitation; that I may have peace here and hereafter." And will provide innumerable riches of prosperity. It will be the means of bringing the misguided, poor humanity to the right path.

I am also a farmer. The human heart is my field. Eternal Name and Infinite Love are the seeds that I sow every day. I am also a trader. I deal in the souls of men. Buying precious treasures, things of truth, love and name, I help those who need them. But I don't give up my valuables. I sell them very cute, really. Those who have it should give me their own responsibility. I have again connected them to the feet of God.
I buy human lives and hand them over to the Lord. So, try not to take me away from this kind of useful business. Instead, bless me to be prosperous in my business. Guru Nanak's words silenced his family members and they all returned to their homes.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji met Rai Bular

The Guru got up and went to Rai Bular's house. Rai Bular was now quite old. He got up and was about to fall at the feet of the Guru. Guru Nanak took Rai Bular in his arms. Rai Bular embraced Guru Ji, Rai Bular attained eternal bliss and he felt very happy. He met his spiritual master after a long separation.

The Guru stayed at Talwandi for a few days. He continued to meet his childhood friends. He revived their souls. He taught them to stay away from materialistic greed and to live a true life.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji left Talwandi

After a while Guru Ji got ready to go. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was ready to fulfill the duty assigned by God.
 He began his journey. Bhai Mardana was with him. Crossing the Ravi River, he walked south.
Walking through forests and sparsely populated roads, he stopped near a small village and gave a divine message to the people there. Neither hunger nor fatigue affected the Guru. A divine power was giving him strength. He seemed in a hurry.
But Bhai Mardana felt the pain of hunger and fatigue. The little fruit they had was not enough to satisfy their body's craving for food. He wanted bread and milk.

Stop Near Harappa

Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bhai Mardana reached around Harappa. Guru Nanak allowed Bhai Mardana to go to the village. The people of the village treated Bhai Mardana ji very well. They gave him food to eat and gave him money and clothes.
Bhai Mardana Ji collected the things given by the people and reached Guru Ji. When Guru Ji saw Mardana, he laughed loudly and long. 'What is it, man?' He asked.
Bhai Mardana Ji told Guru Ji that these things were given to him by the people of the village. The Guru replied, 'But these things are of no use to us. We have given up all worldly wealth. You throw it away. Let it happen to the poor and needy. God is our concern. The Guru then spoke of the destructive effects of the accumulation of Maya.
The Guru said, 'Donations are like poison and cannot be digested.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Reached Tulamba

The two started walking again and soon reached near Tulamba, a place in Pakistan.

Sajjan Name, a notorious thug, lived here. He wore milky white clothes to show himself religious. People think he was very kind to the pilgrims, but actually he was not good.

He built a temple for Hindus and a mosque for Muslims. His residence was a large building in which he provided food and accommodation to the passengers.
When night fell, he would plunder all the valuables of the pilgrims. He would later kill them and throw them into a well.

Meeting With Sajjan Thug

In the morning, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bhai Mardana reached the thug's residence. Sajjan had two servants on duty at the main gate to greet the passengers.
The two servants welcomed the Guru and his companion. The radiance born of spiritual greatness which illuminated the Guru's wisdom had a profound effect on the servants. The two moved into a comfortable, well-appointed living room. But Guru Nanak did not sit on the bed in that room but on the floor.
Sajjan the thug and his servants were thinking that those passengers had some precious gems. All this wealth will be theirs.

Sajjan Thug Came To See Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Very humbly, Sajjan placed himself at the Guru's feet. He tried to find out what kind of wealth the Guru had. When asked his name, Sajjan replied, "I am everyone's friend and humble servant. Hindus call me with love Sajjan Mall and Muslims call me with love Sheikh Sajjan. But I am neither a Hindu nor a Muhammad."

The servant brought food and drink for both of them. The Guru refused
Anyway, Sajjan and his companions tried their best, but failed to persuade the Guru to eat or drink.
The Sajjan thug took permission from the Guru and went to his room. He gathered his soldiers. Everyone thought of ways and means to plunder the Guru's wealth.

Time to Change Sajjan Thug

Sajjan Thug had not yet slept at night, when he heard sweet music coming from the Guru's room, he got up from his bed. He quietly went to the door of Guru Nanak's room. He saw that Guru Nanak Dev ji was sitting with his eyes closed and Mardana was playing Rebab. Innumerable gems shone on his forehead.

After a while, Mardana stopped singing. The music continued on the rebab. The Guru then raised his sweet, melodious voice and sang divine songs, describing the characteristics of criminals and criminals and their final doomsday.
Guru Nanak's music had a magical effect on Sajjan thug. The soul of the Sajjan thug trembled. It was difficult for him to face the Guru's glory. The thug opened the door and went to Guru Nanak. 
He placed his head at the feet of Guru Nanak. Sajjan thug started crying. Guru Nanak's feet got wet with his tears.
Guru Nanak stopped the divine music and placed his hand on Sajjan thug's head. Sajjan felt as if an electric current had passed through his body. Guru Nanak described all his evil deeds. After listening to the Guru's words, Sajjan thug apologized and promised to give up evil deeds forever.


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