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Guru Nanak and Sajjan Thug

Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Talwandi When Guru Nanak reached Talwandi, he took his seat outside the village. Guru Nanak's parents heard the news of his arrival. They went to meet him at the place where Guru Nanak was staying. They once again tried to persuade him to give up the devotional life he had chosen. The Guru listened to all that he said and replied, "Now the whole world is my family. I have not forsaken the world. I have truly chosen God's useful invitation; that I may have peace here and hereafter." And will provide innumerable riches of prosperity. It will be the means of bringing the misguided, poor humanity to the right path. I am also a farmer. The human heart is my field. Eternal Name and Infinite Love are the seeds that I sow every day. I am also a trader. I deal in the souls of men. Buying precious treasures, things of truth, love and name, I help those who need them. But I don't give up my valuables. I sell them very cute, really. Those who have it shou