Enlightenment (Guru Nanak Dev Ji)


Enlightenment (Guru Nanak Dev Ji)

In the year 1497 AD, one day Guru Nanak Dev Ji went out to bathe in the stream (Vein). A friend of Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat near his clothes. Guru Ji plunged into the water of this stream and delayed too long. Now this place became famous as Sant Ghat. 
His friend waited in great anxiety. He then searched Guru Ji into and along the Vein stream, but there was no sign of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. In the end, he concluded that Guru Nanak Dev Ji must have been drowned in this deep water. 

News of the Disappearance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

He went back home and informed Jai Ram. Soon the news spread in the town. The Nawab also heard it. People Wicked to the river. The Nawab also reached the spot. Divers were ordered to search for the body. They failed. All returned to the city in great sorrow. 
Disappearance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji like this caused evil tongues to be busy again. Many people said that he had squandered away the contents of the Modikhana, that when he had found his position to have become irreparable, he had gone and drowned himself in Vein. These reports also reached to the ears of the Nawab Daulat Khan.

Checking of The Modikhana’s Record

 The Nawab made a stool to weigh the grain, ordered the cash to be counted, and the accounts were checked. But it turned out that everything was fine. A beautiful balance was due to Guru Nanak.
This incident confounded the people more and more. 
'Why, then, has he gone? 
Where has he gone? 
Such questions were in everybody's mind, but there was none who could answer them correctly. 
Where had he gone? 'Not an easy matter for the people to comprehend or explain. 

Historical References 


1. Wittings of Bhai Gurdas Ji

The record of this incident is found written by Bhai Gurdas ji. This great Sikh was initiated into the Faith by Guru Amaardas; the third Guru of Sikhism. He had thus ample opportunities of meeting many Sikhs who had been seen Gum Nanak Dev Ji and had lived with him. 
Bhai Gurdas Ji presented his compositions to Guru Arjan Dev, who studied them critically. Guru Arjan Dev Ji pronounced the works of Bhai Gurdas ji to be a Key to Guru Granth Sahib. 
So we can take it that whatever is recorded by Bhai Gurdas Ji had the approval of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. 

2. According to Macauliffe and Puratan Janam Sakhi

The next record that we have of the Guru's life is what is called Puratan Janamsakhi, believed to have been written about the year 1635 A.D., in the time of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. In this Janam Sakhi the writer had tried to describe the events of the spiritual world in the language of this world. 
He says that as the Guru plunged in the Vein stream, some angels from God came. They took him into the presence of God. Almighty extended to him a cordial welcome and offered him a cup of nectar. He quaffed it gratefully and with humble joy. 
According to Macauliffe in his Valait wali Janam Sakhi, "One day after bathing Guru Nanak Dev Ji disappeared in the forest, and was taken in a vision to God's presence." 
Whatever story we may choose for our limited understanding, the fact remains that for full three days Guru Nanak was considered to have been lost in forest or drowned in the stream. 


In that time Guru Nanak forgot all about the earthly matters, the sky, and time. He also forgot himself and his family. While enjoying the blissful vision of the God, the Guru Nanak Dev Ji composed and sang a song in form of hymen to the accompaniment of the spontaneous music of heaven. In which he spoke of the boundless glory of the God as revealed to him and of his own incapacity to describe it to others. It was as follows: 
'if I lived for millions over millions of years on earth, in this condition the air alone was my food and drink. 
Were I to reside in cave where I believed neither sun nor moon, and even in dream could find no place to sleep in; 
Dear Lord I should still not be able to express your worth; how great shall I call your divine Name? 
According to Sri Rag (Guru Granth Sahib)
Guru Nanak Dev Ji composed another song in the form of Hyman in which he expresses the infinite, unfathomable glory of the Almighty and his inability to comprehend and describe it. He prayed to God to be pleased to give him power and vision. Seeing him pervading every person and everywhere, Guru Ji wants him to dedicate everything in the service of all his beings.
From his this stage of meditation Guru Nanak returned when the Lord bade him. 

Come Back of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

After the three day disappearance Guru ji went to the house where he used to take rest and lodge his disciples, guests, and friends. All who saw him found that be was a changed man. He opened the doors of his heart and invited the poor people to take away all that were precious there. On seeing some were hesitated, Guru Ji himself handed over the useable articles that he found in his house.


The news of the arrival of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The news of the arrival of Guru Nanak Dev Ji spread in the city. A large crowd of spectators assembled to see Guru Ji. Nawab Daulat Khan also came to meet Guru Ji. He asked from Guru Nanak Dev Ji what had happened to him. But the Guru heard nothing and remains silent. Guru Ji seemed to be in a strange look. People were thinking that some evil spirit had possessed him for three Days. Daulat Khan realized that the Nanak's acts were the result of his pious thinking. He said that it was very strange, blessed Guru Ji, and went away. 

Faith of Bebe Nanaki

Even when all people thought that Guru Nanak was drowned in stream, his sister Bebe Nanaki had kept alive her faith in the divine nature of her brother. 
She said, “Streams can't drown him.” 
Now, too, when all proclaimed that some evil spirit had come to posses her brother, who in the result, had given away precious things to the poor all that he had in the his house.  Her heart did not ready to accept, her faith was still intact. 
She said, “What evil spirit can possess him? My brother has come to drive away evil spirits of the mankind.” 

Doubt of evil spirit

Some well wisher of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, thought that Guru Nanak was possessed with an evil spirit, so they took a Muslim Priest to the place where the Guru was sitting and asked him to get free of the spirit. The priest began to utter some words like hymens and write down these hymens on white paper. This paper was to be hung round Guru Nanak's neck. 
Guru Dev Ji smiled and sang in sweet voice: 
"Cursed are the lives of those 
Who write the Name of God and sell it for money."
According to Var Sarang. Shalok 20 (I). 

First Preach of Guru Nanak Dev Ji 

Then the words which he uttered were:- 
'There is no Hindu, 
There is no Muslims.' 
It means both Hindus and Muslims had forgotten the precepts of their great religions. They had gone off track from the path of the only True God. It was a fit formula for the beginning of his mission, which was to bring together the two martial communities of India into one brotherhood by showing them how they had fallen from the high ideals of their religions and had forgotten God. 

Controversy Created 

In a short while these words were on everybody's lips. The Hindus had really turned away from being true Hindus. Moreover, they became resentful or deeply disillusioned with the Guru's words. Muslims, however, were at the pinnacle of power. They were rulers. Their religion was spreading everywhere in the world. How could a 'Hindu' in a Muslim state dare to say that there was no true Muslim on earth.


Complaint by the Qazi

The Qazi took the complaint to the Nawab and complained to him that Guru Nanak had been defaming the entire Muslim community.
However, the Nawab came to believe that Guru Nanak was a true lover of God and could not hurt anyone's feelings. Still, the Qazi stood his ground.

The Nawab summoned Guru Nanak. But the Guru refused to comply with the summons. The Guru said. "Now I have no relation with the Nawab. I am no longer in his service. I am now a servant of him who is the master of the whole world.” The messenger returned and told the Nawab what the Guru Nanak Dev ji had said. The Qazi rose angrily and said, “I will myself bring him to your presence." 

He went to search Guru Nanak Dev Ji with his men, but when he reached the Guru, the Guru calmed him down with the language of love and righteousness. His own soul humbly compelled him to salute the Guru and reverently said, "Nanak Dev you come with me; the Nawab begs you in the name of Almighty God to meet him."
The Qazi further said, "The Nawab wants you to understand the meaning of your slogan. ‘There are no Hindus here, they are not Muslims.’ I hope you will not disappoint him." Unable to resist the call, Guru Nanak got up and went to see the Nawab.

In the court of Nawab Daulat Khan

On reaching the Nawab, the Nawab greeted the Guru with great reverence and lamented the loss of such an honest Modi. The governor then seated the Guru beside him and instructed the Qazi to ask the Guru questions which he wanted answered.

"What do you mean by saying that there are no Hindus and no Muslims here," the Qazi said. I can't say anything about Hindus, there may or may not be a true Hindu on earth. But how can you say that there is no true Muslim? The Prophet has millions of true followers. "
The Guru then motioned for Mardana to play the lute and sang a song which could be translated: -
'It is very difficult to be able to be called a true Muslim.
One must first acquire the qualities of a true Muslim and then be proud to be a follower of the Prophet.
Let us first love the religion of humanity by loving the human beings created by that God and free ourselves from vanity and pride.
Leave yourself before God, let yourself be humble and humble.
 Put aside the fear of birth and death.
Gladly accept God's will.
Man must believe that God does everything. Let him control all his thoughts.
He is merciful to all living beings.
When a man does all this he can be called a true Muslim, and not the first to be called a true Muslim. " Var Moja Sholk (Guru Granth Sahib) 

Prayer in Mosque

The Qazi was not yet satisfied. He put some more questions. 
Answering the Qazi's question, it was time for the afternoon prayer (Muslim prayer). When all the mosques were about to go, the Qazi told the Guru. "According to you, if all the religions of the world are same, will you join us in praying (Namaz) in the mosque?"
The Nawab made the same request to the Guru. The Guru said, 'I will go happily but if anyone of you lead the prayer. The entire Sangat (gathering of religious people), including Guru Nanak, marched towards the mosque.

Another Rumor

The news that the Guru was going to join the prayers of the Muslims in the mosque soon spread like wildfire throughout the city. It was rumored that he was going to convert to Islam, including his brother-in-law, Diwan Jai Ram. All were going to the mosque to see what would happen there.

Starting of the Namaz

The Qazi stood in front of the gathering and began to repeat the Arabic text and to become physically regular and kneel. Others later imitated him.
But the Guru remained silent all the time. It was considered an insult to holy prayer and Islam. Seeing this the Qazis were filled with anger.
The Guru looked at the Qazi and laughed, which added fuel to the fire. While all were formally engaged in prayer; At that time, laughing at the Qazi while praying in the mosque was another act of great courage and humiliation.
The Qazi's face did not change a bit. When the prayer was over, he complained to the Nawab that Guru Nanak had insulted the whole prayer.

Lesson for Qazi and Nawab

The Nawab was generous. He went to the Guru and said, 'Well Nanak, you promised to join us in prayers, but instead, you laughed at the Qazi because he was busy in prayer.'
Guru Nanak replied, 'Nawab, I promised to join him in prayers. But the Qazi was not praying at all. As he was repeating the text with his tongue and doing physical movements with his body, he himself was chasing his newborn calf which he had left at home and to prevent him from falling into the deep pit of his yard. I couldn't join him in that. It was fascinating to see him like that; His body was in prayer and he was chasing the calf in the house. So I laughed.
How we deceive ourselves and the world and try to deceive God!
The Qazi bowed his head and greeted the Guru. But then he dared to say, "But there was a Nawab who was a true Muslim. You could join him."
 The Guru replied, 'No doubt, the Nawab is a nobel man; But he too, was not engaged in prayer. He was buying horses in Kabul. Everyone else who imitates your actions, likewise, was not here in prayer.
Such prayers are worse than useless. Such prayers create arrogance, vanity and intolerance. I could not join you in such prayers.

Nawab accepted The Guru’s grace

Saying this, the Guru got up to leave. The Nawab touched the Guru's feet with devotion and said, "O fakir, devotee of God, stay here. I place all this authority and all this property at your feet, accept them. Become mine. Satguru ji, "Let me be your slave forever”.
 "No, Nawab," replied the Guru to the Nawab. “The great commander calls me. I must go out and join his service. My duty invites me to distant lands.” All bowed and Guru ji left the place.


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