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First Udasi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

First Udasi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji It was the time of 1500 to 1506 A.D. Guru Ji decided to go on his huge tour which is called Udasis. Eventually he left his family, devotees and friends and made Mardana his partner.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Punjab He spent some time in the Punjab, visiting various places, converting Hindus and Muslims with his ideas and setting up beds or missionary centers wherever he went.   Nanak Dev Ji in Goindwal Guru Crossing the Beas River, he came to the place where the town of Goindwal is now located. It was a vast desert at that time. Sitting on the bank of the river, Guru Ji worshiped nature and its living Lord. His soul was imbued with heavenly music. Along with him Mardana was playing his rabab and singing master's songs brilliantly. On the strong wings of light, the Guru's soul joined the feet of the blissful Lord.  For two days Guru Nanak sat like this with his eyes closed and meditated, and his face shone with calm, radiant splendor. Mardana sat dow

Enlightenment (Guru Nanak Dev Ji)

Enlightenment (Guru Nanak Dev Ji) In the year 1497 AD, one day Guru Nanak Dev Ji went out to bathe in the stream (Vein). A friend of Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat near his clothes. Guru Ji plunged into the water of this stream and delayed too long. Now this place became famous as Sant Ghat.  His friend waited in great anxiety. He then searched Guru Ji into and along the Vein stream, but there was no sign of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. In the end, he concluded that Guru Nanak Dev Ji must have been drowned in this deep water.  News of the Disappearance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji He went back home and informed Jai Ram. Soon the news spread in the town. The Nawab also heard it. People Wicked to the river. The Nawab also reached the spot. Divers were ordered to search for the body. They failed. All returned to the city in great sorrow.  Disappearance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji like this caused evil tongues to be busy again. Many people said that he had squandered away the contents of the Modikhana, that when he had fou