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Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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Religious Ceremony of Janeu
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Dear readers when Guru Nanak Dev ji grew up to be nine years, his father Mehta Kalu thought of performing the ceremony of Janeu or the sacrificial thread of the Hindus. According to Bhai Miharban Wali Janam Sakhi and Bhai Mani Singh wali Janam Sakhi the ceremony of Janeu took place at the age of nine years. But Villait Wali Janam Sakhi gives no such detail. 
This ceremony is must among the Kshatriya males in Hindu religion. It signifies the second birth of a person by adaptation of religious duties in life. So his father Maheta Kalu ji made elaborate arrangements for the entertainment of the guests like food, goats for sacrificial offering and other things for the function.
There was a great gathering at his house on the appointed day. A woolen carpet was spread on a raised platform. Pandit Hardial the family priest drew a circle round the carpet and took his seat.
Pandit Hardial asked Maheta Kalu to bring his son for whom a seat was provided facing the carpet. Guru Nanak Dev ji was called by Maheta Kalu. Guru Nanak Dev ji came and took his seat. All the preliminary rites had been duly performed Pandit Hardial was holding the holy thread in his hands.
People were getting ready to with words of congratulations which were usually showered on the child’s father on such ceremony. Guru Nanak Dev ji asked about the purpose of this Janeu. Pandit Hardial said that since he was a high class born person in the society as it is considered to signify the second birth. Then Guru Nanak Dev ji replied ‘I beg your pardon, I don’t understand what you say.’ This reply by Guru Nanak Dev ji as per composition in Vaar Assa Mahala 1 recorded on the page no 471 of Guru Granth Sahib:-
ਦਇਆ ਕਪਾਹ ਸੰਤੋਖੁ ਸੂਤੁ ਜਤੁ ਗੰਢੀ ਸਤੁ ਵਟੁ।।........................................................................................
...............................................................ਮਨਿ ਅੰਧਾ ਨਾਉ ਸੁਜਾਣੁ।। (as Written In Punjabi Language)
It means as ‘the thread I want is to be made of compassion, contentment as the thread, continence as the knot and truth the twist. O Pandit! Put such a thread if you have one. It will not break, will not get soiled, shall not burn nor it shall be lost. Those who wear such a thread are really great. Your thread costs little. It is put while sitting in a sanctified square in a ceremony where holy mantras are whistled into the ears. But when a person dies, the thread is burnt along with the body. So the man goes beyond without it.’
Pandit Hardial felt his wisdom and learning failing. Pandit Hardial replied, ‘the great holy Persons of old age, who had a true knowledge of God as well as of the needs of the soul in its journey to Him, have ordained the wearing of this triple thread of the twice born Hindus. They believed that it would help the wearer in this life and the next. So we should respect the ceremony initiated by our forefathers. 
Guru Nanak Dev ji replied that there are millions of thefts and illicit relations. There are millions of falsehood, abuses, and deceits, concealed actions that stick to life day and night are committed and yet the Brahmin twists the thread, kills and cooks the goats, eats it and says to for wear Janeu. Only believing in the God’s Name, one attains honor, the God’s praise is the true thread which never breaks and with this we are blessed in the God’s court.
Pandit Hardial could not argue with Guru ji for long time and he said ‘what you have said is all true. We are truly without a true thread of the soul, we would wear that too. But you are without a thread of the body. Put it on now, and then we all can strive to have a thread for the soul too.
Guru Nanak Dev ji replied that there is no thread for women, no thread for the senses and every day people commit adulteries. This thread does not restrain our feet, hands, tongue and eyes for our senses from doing wrong. The Brahmin twists the thread for others but himself goes without it after his death. Brahmins conduct marriages and tell the future after taking money for this act. Actually the Brahmin is blind but people think that he will tell them the proper way.
Pandit Hardial was speechless. All the persons felt that all is true said by the child. His analysis of the fall of the hindu and the advent of tyranny and political subjection was felt to be right. Pandit Hardial bowed to the child (Guru Nank Dev Ji) and said that all is true said by him. Our community had fallen very low. So we should try to save the Dharma. We all are guilty and forget the true spirit of real religion of humanity. 

Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that  

when God in his mercy sanded Grace to man on earth, He puts him to him to the task that He would get performed for the welfare of society.
It is not for us to choose. That servant and that alone can serve the Lord whom He chooses to follow His commands and to carry out His will by obeying His behests with true heart, by caring out His Will, the servant will win satisfaction of Lord and get a place of honor in the Lord’s kingdom. 
If the servant does what really pleases the Lord, he will definitely obtain all that in his heart he may wish or desire to obtain. 
In this way the servant would become acceptable to the Lord and having performed his allotted work in the world, would enter Lord’s Kingdom. 

After hearing this Pandit Hardial accepted that Guru Nanak Dev Ji is a highly exalted soul on earth and thus beyond the worldly Janeu ceremonies. Pandit Hardial himself took this sermon and said that Guru Nanak you are blessed. All the relatives and Pandits who came were given food. All the people were pleased to hear the words of Guru Nanak. So the Pandit Hardial and the all others had to go away, musing themselves on the miracle.

Cattle Grazing

`When Guru Nanak Dev Ji was 12 years old, one day Mehta Kalu's servant got angry and left. This servant worked as a herdsman. Guru Nanak's father was very worried about this. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that I will do this work, because Lord Krishna also grazed his cows. Guru Nanak started grazing buffaloes. But even while doing this, Guru Nanak Dev Ji remained engrossed in devotion to God. One day Guru Nanak sat in meditation under a tree. His buffaloes went into the field of a farmer of Bhatti caste. The buffaloes ate some of the crop.
Suddenly the owner of the field came. He told Guru Nanak Dev Ji that you have ruined my crop with your buffaloes. He started arguing with Guru Nanak. But Guru Nanak remained silent.
 He took Guru Nanak to Rai Bular. He told Rai Balar that this boy had destroyed my crop. This boy's buffaloes have eaten my crop. Rai Bular said that this boy is crazy. Let's call this boy's father Mehta Kalu. Mehta Kalu was called.
Maheta Kalu came; Rai Bular asked Mehta Kalu why you don’t teach wisdom to your son. Your son has ruined someone's crop. Now you have to pay the penalty for your son's mistake. Otherwise this farmer will go to the king. Mehta Kalu ji said what can I do. This son of mine is going crazy. Rai Bular told Mehta Kalu that I respect you, but justice is justice. Rai Bular said that his mistake can be forgiven only if you pay the fine. 
Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that there was no damage to the crop. Rai Bular You can send your men to find out for yourself. But the Bhatti farmer said that my whole crop was ruined. If you do not pay the fine, I will complain to the king. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that Rai Bular you send your men to see how the crop is, if even a little damage is done then a fine should be imposed. They came back running and said that the crop was untouched and it was even richer and greener. 
All were astonished to hear this news.  Rai Bular already heard of Guru Nanak’s budding greatness and of his giving taught his teacher, besought the divine Child to grant him a little light. Rai Bular and his courtiers were convinced that Nanak was a blessed soul. The complaint of the farmer was dismissed. Guru Nanak Dev ji then narrated his composition in Soohi Rag which is recorded as Soohi Rag Mahala 1 at page no. 730 of Guru Granth Sahib in form of Gurbani. It was as (Punjabi & Hindi Language) –
Gurbani From Guru Granth Sahib

It means - 
The Yogis, the worldly people and those conducting austerities are busy in their work because their inner soul is not enlightened as yet. 
But O Lord, I hear your call. 
Those who meditate on the Lord, hear His call. 
One should do good deeds, only then he will not be investigated when he goes to God. 
One shall be recognized as per his deeds or there a man is judged by the deeds he has done. 
Breathes of a Human, when God is not remembered go in vain. 
I am ready to sell myself, if somebody is ready to purchase. 
Human body is useless without God’s Name. 
Rai Bular and others bowed. All went there way. The fields which was the cause of all this dispute is now the te ofsi Gurdwara called Kiara Sahib or the sacred field. It is situated in Pakistan.

Shadow by Snake or Shadow of Tree

One day Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to graze buffaloes. When it was afternoon, Guru Nanak sat down under a tree. His buffaloes also came and sat down. Guru Nanak spread a cloth under the tree and fell asleep.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

After some time, sunshine appeared on Guru Nanak's face. Guru Nanak began to feel hot. Seeing this condition of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, a Sheshnag came there. The snake was white. That Sheshnag covered Guru Nanak's face with his hood.
Suddenly Rai Bular also came towards him. He saw a young man asleep and a big snake with its hood covering the young man's face. Rai Bular was astonished and began to think that this young man had some divine power who was asleep. Or the snake may have killed the young man.
At the same time some other people also came there. They all said let's go and see what happened. When they approached, they found out that it was Nanak, the son of Mehta Kalu. As they got closer, the snake disappeared. This surprised everyone. Guru Nanak was awakened. Guru Nanak Dev Ji woke up from his sleep, he saw Rai Bular standing beside him. Guru Nanak folded his hands and saluted.
Rai Bular got down from his horse. He found that the whole nature, animate and inanimate, loved the divine youth and did him service and homage. He beheld the creator ever indwelling in all His creation. He was one with Nature and her indwelling Lord. How could nature let a part and parcel of herself, and a dear one of her Lord. Rai Bular’s heart was won. He hugged the youthful saint to his bosom. A sweet, abiding peace and joy filled his heart. He took the youth with him to Mehta Kalu and congratulated him on having such a one as his son. This incident was based on the Bhai Bala ji Wali Sakhi 
But according to the Purantan Janam Sakhi  the shadow of the tree did not change instead of snake story. According to this Janam Sakhi one day Guru Nanak Dev Ji was resting under a tree. The sun changed its course as per its routine, but the shade of the tree did not change. Rai Bular happened to come that way and noticed that whereas shades of all the trees had changed eoth the change in the direction of the sun. But under this particular tree, the shade did not change. Rai Bular was surprised. He woke up Nanak very respectfully and found him with his usual smile. On returning to the village, Rai Bular sent for Mehta Kalu and narrated him all the story.
In ‘Giyan Ratnawali (or Bhai Mani Singh wali Janam Sakhi) this incident was not mentioned. 


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