Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Education)

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Education)

When we study the ‘Biography of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’ in English, we have the ‘Guru Nanak Dev ji di Jivani in Punjabi’ (in form of Janam Sakhis) as the main source of information about Guru Nank Dev Ji. To know about the ‘Life history of Guru Nanak’ or the ‘Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji’ we have to study the Janam Sakhis or ‘Guru Granth Sahib.’ Those are the main sources of Sikh historyGuru Nanak Dev Ji was the first Sikh Guru of 10 Sikh Gurus.
Let us start the ‘Guru Nanak Biography’ based on the Janam Sakhis- at the early age of Guru Nanak Dev ji, the father of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was unhappy with the Guru Nanak Dev Ji, because his habit of giving away things in charity. One day father of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Maheta Kalu complained to the priest who predicted that Nanak would be very lucky and prosperous, that on the contrary he is giving away his things to the beggars and Sadhus.
After discussion, it was decided to send the child to the school to learn accounting so that he could become revenue officer like his father. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji was of 7 years his father chose an auspicious day to send him to school. According to “Vilait Wali Janam Sakhi”, “Miharban Wali Janam Sakhi” and “Bhai Bala Ji wali Janam Sakhhi” Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sent for schooling at the age of seven years. While according to Bhai Mani Singh Ji Wali Janam Sakhi Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sent for school at the age of five years. The age of seven years seems more correct. 
Like a dutiful son Guru Nanak Dev Ji readily agreed to do as bidden. So Mehta Kalu took his son to a Pandha ( A Brahamin School Master). Mehta Kalu said to the Pandha, “Take good care him, because he is a troublesome.” The Pandha however discovered no such trait in his new pupil. He found him quick to learn and ready to obey.
The young Guru Nanak learned alphabet and the multiplication tables very quickly and started learning calculations of interest on the capital. Pandha was very much surprised.
After finishing his allotted studies Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat with his eyes closed for long time. At first Pandha thought that he was sleeping but since he never fell down like a sleeping person, he discovered that Guru Nanak Dev ji was actually in deep meditation. All his life he had seen no such pupil. The child learn to write in an amazingly short time. But a greater wonder was still in store for the Pandha.
One day Guru Nanak Dev ji sat a little apart in school. He was all time busy writing something on his Patti (wooden board) and did not turn up to show his work to the Pandha. Then the Pandha called him to show his work. When the Pandha saw the Patti, he was wonderstruck to find that it was not the school work but a long poetry written opposite each letter. It was appears as Gurbani “Assa Mahalla Pahela Patti Lilkhi” in ‘Guru Granth Sahib’, on more than one patti. In this composition all the letters were attached with deep spiritual meanings. It was as given below – 
“The one Lord who created the universe is the Supreme Lord of all.
Fortunate and fruitful is the advent of those into the world whose hearts remain attached to the service of God.
Why are you misled on the error’s path O fool ?
Then alone can’t you be deemed a learned man,
When a good account of yours life you can’t render to the Lord.
The Primal being is the Giver; He alone is True.
No account shall be due by the pious man who understands the truth through these letters.
Praise Him whose limit cannot be found.
They alone shall win reward who perform service and practice Truth.
He alone can deemed be a learned man.
Who realizes the knowledge of God.
If the same Lord pervading in all be could see,
How could a man  proud egotist be?
All the world is bound in His bonds no other authority dies here prevail.
The servant who exerts himself diligently,
Who is ever engaged in executing the Guru’s commands,
Who deems bad and good lot as the same,
Such a one shall attain union with Him.
There is only one who takes, one who gives, I have heard of none other.
Ever does He continue to give what He has ordained and had to give.
He gives looks after, and issues His orders how living things are to obtain their allotted sustenance.
When I look carefully I see no other than God.
The one God pervades all places, the one God dwells in the heart.
Why practice deceit, O mortals? In a while or two shall have to leave here.
Why gamble your life thus idly away?
Die to the Lord, at His feet thyself thou lay.
True comfort fills the hearts of those whose minds are attached to the feet of God.
Your favour.
O mortal, why make such vain display? All that exists is doomed to vanish.
Serve Him who pervades all, and you shall obtain happiness.
He Himself destroys and builds, He acts as He pleases.
He looks after what He creates, issues orders, and saves those on whom He looks with favor.
He alone in whose heart dwells God does His praises sing.
The creator blends such a one with Himself, and he enters not the cycle of birth and death again.
The terrible ocean is vast and deep, none has found its end.
We have no raft or boat, we are drowning, save us O savior King,
He who has made all things is in every place.
What is doubt and what is mammon?
Whatever pleases Him is good.
Impute no blame to others, my soul,
On your Karma the blame dies lie in whole.
As did I sow, so now I reap,
I’d blame none else for this my grief.
If man recognizes the true one, he shall never be born again.
The holy man utters, understands, and knows but the one God.
Why quarrel, o mortal? Meditate on Him whose will alone prevails in all things. Meditate on Him, be absorbed in the True one, and be a sacrifice unto Him, 
There is no other Giver but He who has created all creatures and sustains them all.
Meditate on God’s name be absorbed in his name and you shall night and day derive profit there from.
After seeing this the Pandha was stunned and inquired from Guru Nanak Dev ji as to why he was not interested in the studies like accounting etc, that his father wanted him to learn?
Guru Nanak Dev ji replied as it is contained in “Siri Rag Mahala pahela” recorded at page no. 16 of ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ in form of Gurbani. It is as – 
‘’You have to burn your attachments, grind them to make ink and make your intellect as paper. Make the pen out of love and devotion and your mind as writer. Then write what your spiritual master tells you to write. Write the praise of His name and then that He is beyond limits. If one writes this type of accounting, then there will be seal of Truth on the writer whenever his accounts are asked for in the Lord’s court.’’ 
Guru Nanak Dev ji stopped to go to the Pandha and kept sitting in the house or would go to the forests for discussions with the Sadhus.
Sikh Guru - Guru Nanak Dev Ji

His father then sent him to Pandit Brij Nath for studying Sanskrit. There too Guru Nanak Dev ji learnt very fast whatever was taught to him. One day Guru Nanak Dev ji was writing something on paper his father inquired about it. Guru Nanak Dev ji replied it was ‘Sapat Shaloki Geeta’.
His father took him to the teacher and told about the paper. The teacher listened to the explanations and was astonished at it. Guru Nanak Dev Ji told him that real benefit shall not be obtained only by singing it. After this incident Guru Nanak Dev ji start to stay at home for some time.


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