Biography of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Biography of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji remained in a passive and restless mood for a long time. Guru Nanak Dev Ji ate very little food, remained silent and he moved very little. His parents were too much worried about their only son whom Pandha and Kazi failed to teach, whom the doctor failed to treat, but all the teachers and doctors had discovered signs of some mysterious power. His parents were helpless. But they kept quiet.

The phase was ended, when Guru Nanak Dev ji entered in fourteenth year of his age.  Guru Nanak Dev ji started to move about. He started to associate and talk with youths of his own age. Guru Nanak Dev Ji start to eat his food like a healthy man.  

To see this miracle his parents were very happy. His parents thought that their son had recovered from the mysterious illness which had laid him low for such a long time. Mehta Kalu now thought that it was the right times to make his son Nanak engages in some trade. 

Sacha Sauda ( Real Bargain )

So Maheta Kalu called Guru Nanak Dev Ji and said, “Dear son, it is time that you should start your own trade. You have not succeeded in education and also as a herdsman. What will you do? Now you are a young man. We hope to see you married in the near future. Unless you don’t succeed in a profitable trade, how will you support your family and your parents, who are getting old day by day?"
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

He further said, "I have thought of a plan for you. I shall give you some money. With that you should make a good and profitable bargain. I would suggest that to begin with, you should purchase some articles of daily use that can be sold at a profit. In this way you get experienced, and also lay by a little capital, you can go farther abroad and engage in greater bargains. In this way you can set up a good trade. Are you agreeing with my plain?”

Consent of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Gum Nanak replied to Maheta Kalu, "My Dear father I am agree with you and surely please you.” So Maheta Kalu gives twenty rupees to Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Starting of New Trade by Guru Nanak Dev Ji

According to the Janam Sakhi of Bhai Bala Ji, Guru Nanak's father sent Bhai Bala Ji to trade with Guru Nanak. Bhai Bala picked up Guru Nanak's belongings and the two set out on business. Mehta Kalu accompanied his son outside the town while teaching. Mehta Kalu left his son and Bhai Bala Ji and returned his own home. Both Guru Nanak and Bhai Bala continued on their way, talking to each other.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bala started towards a village about 12 miles from Rai Bhoi’s Talwandi. They left the main road and took a other short abandoned road. 

Hungry Sadhus Met Guru Nanak Dev Ji

As they went ahead in their way, they saw a cluster of trees. They were going to make a mighty good bargain. Bala followed Guru Nanak Dev ji. 

In that cluster of trees they found a great company of Sadhus. These Sadhus had no clothes on their body. They were all engaged in diverse forms of penance. Their bodies were weak and lean due to hard course of meditation. 

Guru Nanak Dev ji approached one of them and start to talk with him. Guru Nanak Dev Ji learnt that these Sadhus had no food. They were very hungry and their vows forbade them to go and beg for food to survive. They were given to roaming about and halting in secluded places, away from the haunts of worldly people. Due to the great concern for their souls, they were neglecting the care of their bodies and for physical sustenance they relied on God. They were content to eat whatever God send to them. 

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was impressed

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was deeply impressed to see their faith and trust in God. The pangs of hunger which they must have borne for several days, made a powerful appeal to his heart. Guru Nanak Dev Ji had money in his pocket for trade. Guru Ji thought here were Sadhus in great need of food. They could die if not eat food then how could he pass by them unconcerned with money in his pocket which could satisfy their hunger? Guru Nanak ji’s heart urged him to decide and act at once to serve the Sadhus. Could there be a better, a more profitable, bargain than that of feeling such holy hungry Sadhus?
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji took the money from his pocket and placed it before the Sadhu. The Sadhu declined to touch it. 'You are a young lad yet,' said the Sadhu. Perhaps your parents may not like this act of yours, and you may have to suffer for this act of charity. You need not worry about us. God, whom we seek and serve, and in whom we trust, will send us food when it pleases Him. We can wait till then.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji managed food for the Sadhus

Guru Nanak Dev Ji said to the Sadhu, “Oh great saint don’t worry what happens to me because I shall face it. My body has to be ruled by my soul and not the soul by the body. My soul is touched at the sight of your sufferings. I can't go away without serving what I can. God seems to have sent me hither for this purpose.” 

Then the Sadhu told to Guru Nanak Dev Ji that money was of no use to them. They would not touch the money. He should, if he was so inclined, bring them some food. So Guru Nanak and Bhai Bala ji went and purchased as much as they can. They came back to the Sadhus. The Sadhus were very happy because they broke their several days' fast. They blessed Guru Nanak Dev Ji whom God had sent to feed them.

The place where the hungry Sadhus were served by Guru Nanak is the site of a Gurdwara called the Sachcha Sauda or the Good Bargain. This holy place is now in Pakistan.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji spent all his money in a bargain, which to him appeared to be the best and profitable. Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bala started their journey back to home. He was very happy doing this noble deed. He had fed the hungry Sadhus and done his duty fixed by God.

Journey Back To Home

As they reached Rai Bhoi’s Talwandi, Guru Nanak's thoughts reverted to his father. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was thinking - 'My father sent me to make a good bargain. I have obeyed his instructions. Which were to spend this money to the best advantage? But my father will not understand this. He will think that I have thrown away all his money. He will be angry. Why not stay away from his wrath for a time so that it may cool a bit?'

So Guru Nanak Dev Ji sent Bhai Bala Ji to the village but himself he stayed outside of the village. He sat concealed under a tree and passed the whole night there.

Next day suddenly Mehta Kalu saw Bala at his house. Mehta Kalu sent a message and called Bala to him. Mehta Kalu told Bhai Bala Ji that I considered you wise. That is why I sent you with Nanak. But why are you back?

Bhai Bala Ji told him the whole story and said, “I pleaded with him, but he would not listen me. Nanak said that he was obeying your advice and its true bargain. When, last evening. We came back near the village; he hid himself under a tree near the water tank, as perhaps he had begun to fear your anger. I did my duty please don’t blame me.”

Reaction of angry father

Mehta Kalu was very angry to hear the whole story. He told Bhai Bala to lead him to the place where Guru Nanak Dev ji was hidden. Bala led him to the spot where he had left the Guru Nanak Dev Ji. They found him seated calmly under the branches of the tree, lost in meditation.

Mehta Kalu dragged him from under the banging branches and said angrily, “What are you doing here?”
“What have you done with the twenty rupees?”

Guru Nanak Dev Ji opened his eyes and looked his father in anger, but said nothing. Mehta Kalu grew angrier and began to slap him. His cheeks were black and blue with the beating of Maheta Kalu. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was suffering for having taken pity on hungry Sadhus. He bore the slaps of his father without saying a word. Guru Nanak Dev Ji showed no resentment, no resistance, even he evaded no slap. Without any anger, Guru Nanak Dev Ji let his body bear the punishment for the act performed in obedience God.

Bebe Nanaki

Bebe Nanki (Sister of Guru Nanak Dev Ji) came here. She knew that her father would beat her brother. She was soon at the spot and came in between the son and the father. She thus rescued Guru Nanak Dev Ji from the beating of her father.
When Rai Bular heard about of this incident with Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He was hurted, as he had already become a follower of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

In the Court Of Rai Bular

Rai Bular sent for the Mehta and his son. Maheta Kalu came with his son. Then Rai Bular said to Maheta Kalu, “You did it very wrong. Why did you beat this innocent? You beat him like a cruel. Look at his cheeks where finger marks are still visible! Why are you ill-treating?”

Further Rai Bular said to Maheta Kalu, “You always think of him as a ordinary lad. Why do you not understand him? You beat him just for money loss. I will give you the double amount. I already tell you that he is not meant for gaining these worldly things, his gains are of heaven. You should not beat him. Let him do what he wants.”

Justification of Maheta Kalu

Maheta Kalu felt that all the courtiers were accusing him of greed of money and hard heartedness. He had to defend and justify himself because he was not wrong.

Maheta Kalu said to Rai Bular, “Respected Sir, you are right. But think yourself in my place and see how painful it is for a father to see his son in this condition. He is my one and only son. So my sorrow at his foolish conduct is all the greater. He has proved a failure at school. Even he was not proved a good herdsman. He has no interest in agriculture or any other pursuit, though many were suggested to him. He gives away my articles to idlers and beggars. I sent him to earn something by making a good and profitable bargain, but he did this foolish job. He has thrown away my hard-earned money. The sum is not very big, no doubt. But this had shown me which way this child is going. He will waste all that I have earned or shall earn. This is making me restless. So I am angry with him. As his father, it was my duty to correct his conduct. So I beat him to mind his ways. Now he will behave wisely in future. Please understand my condition.”

Rai Bular explained the truth to Mehta Kalu

Rai Bular said to Maheta Kalu, “when will you see the reality? Nanak is not an ordinary lad to behave like ordinary children. He has great things to do for the welfare of the society. He obeys your all orders and respects you. He always ready to do whatever you say to him. If you sent him to make a good and profitable bargain, he did it in his own way. His thinking is very high. What better bargain could there be? I shall pay you the sum that is wasted by him. I wish I could take him to my house and be a slave unto him. I want to accept him as my family member but the prevalent usage forbids it. People will make tales of this act. So be wise and act like a good father.”

Maheta Kalu was astonished at what seemed to him the simplicity of Rai Bular. But to dispute the point further would have been injudicious. Maheta Kalu kept quiet and promised Rai Bular that he would never beat Nanak again. Then both father and son come back to their home.


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