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Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Birth Date, Birth Place, Parents)

Guru Nanak Dev Ji  Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Birth Date, Birth Place, Parents) In this post we will discuss about the different birth dates of Guru Nanak Dev ji according to different sources and the stories of His childhood. Like other events of Guru Nanak's life, we have to depend mostly on Janam Sakhis about the date of Guru's birth. We will consider each of these issues one at a time. What is the exact date of birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji? At which place was Guru Nanak Dev Ji born? What was the name of Guru Nanak's father? What was name of Guru Nanak's mother? With which caste did Guru Nanak Dev Ji belong? Let us start to know it, in deep – Exact Date of Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji?  In these days the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji is celebrated on the full-moon day of Katak. But according to Purantan Janam Sakhi, Vaisakh Sudi 3rd of the month of Vaisakh in the Samvat year 1526 or 20 Vaisakh, 1526 BK, corresponding 15th April 1469 A.D. as the day of G

Janam Sakhis (Life History of Guru Nanak Dev Ji)

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Guru Nanak Biography Janam Sakhis (Life History of Guru Nanak Dev Ji) What is Janam Sakhi?  Which is the first Janam Sakhi?  How many Janam Sakhis are there ?  like this, there are many questions that come to a reader's mind. The word 'Sakhi' means the story of a witness to an event. In fact, these stories are stories related to Guru Nanak's life . It describes the Guru Nanak Biography . In fact, Janam sakhi means the story of the life of a great person. When we study the ancient writings, we find that the 'Sakhis' are the oldest source of the life history Guru Nanak Dev ji in Sikh History . The most important are Janam Sakhis are - 1. Purantan Janam Sakhi 2.  Meharban wali Janam Sakhi 3.  Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi  4.  Bhai Mani Singh Wali Janam Sakhi.     (And many more names also)                     Nothing is known about when the first Janam Sakhi was written. His writings in the Janam

Social Conditions Before Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Social Conditions Before Guru Nanak Dev Ji        When we study the  ‘Guru Nanak biography’  in English, we have the  ‘Guru Nanak Dev ji di Jivani in Punjabi’  (in form of Janam Sakhis) as the main source of information. To know about the  ‘Life history of Guru Nanak’  or the  ‘Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji’  we have to study the  Janam Sakhis  or  ‘Guru Granth Sahib.’  Those are the main sources of  Sikh history.      Social condition of the society before the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was not good. If we learn the writings of Bhai Gurdas Ji, He says – "The bounteous Lord heard the anguished cry, and so Guru Nanak Dev Ji He sent to this world of woe…….."      India particularly the state of Punjab was under the Muslim rule. There was not a single King who had the supreme power in the country. Actually the country was divided up among several Governors who were quite independent in their states. Guru Nanak Dev Ji depic